Distance (Remix EP)

Distance with an electronic twist.

For this special EP we decided to ask artists from different genres to construe one song in their typical genre.

The result you can enjoy today is more than awesome.
We’re totally happy to (re)hear our songs in those different genres and show it to you.
We hope that we can show you that there are no boundaries neither musical or social. All we need is acceptance and love. That’s all!

We thank each artist for those great pieces of music and for being part of our family.

Myosotis feat. André Angelo – NDE :  Free Download

Myosotis feat. K96 – NDE :  Free Download

Myosotis feat. GERION – Distorted Mind :  Free Download

Myosotis feat. The Delta Mode – Waves :  Free Download


  • Release Date : 31.12.17

  • Producer : Various Artists

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