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Who We Are

Myosotis is the name of the six-headed "Modern Metalcore" band from Hamburg. Their debut EP, which was released in July, is called "Distance" and thus expresses the band´s name by lyrical depth.

Likewise, the “Distance” EP will initiate “The new wave of modern metalcore". Love-hate, depression, change and distance are picked up in their songs and combined with melodic stanzas and refrains, but also hard breakdowns, contrasted with the passionate guttural and clean vocals. The Band wants to pull their listeners out of their everyday lives, move emotionally and physically, and above all, make a lasting impression with the songs they write.

With the musical experience that the solo musicians have gathered over the years, they found themselves together under the name “MYOSOTIS” to express their love to music. Myosotis is not just a name for a band. It is a life setting. Under their slogan "We Are Myosotis", they want to create the feeling of unity, a family and express that nobody should be forgotten, no matter what their history is or where they come from.

\\ WeAreMyosotis //




Why your Instrument:
I started playing the bass guitar because I was always bound to rhythm and groove.

Why this genre?
It is the interest in combining harmonies and melodies with heavy and technical parts to create something new in each song.

Musical influence (Name 3 Bands):
In Flames
Machine Head
A Day to remember

Dream location you want to play at:
On a big festival as a main act, for example Wacken

Bands you want to play with (Name 3 Bands):
Stick to your guns
Parkway drive
Obey the brave
What do you want to achieve with your music?
To achieve a Jägermeister endorsement any day!

Something you always wanted to say (to your fans) :
Don’t drink & drive!




Why your instrument?
To be honest, I love singing and screaming but before I started I was more interested in playing drums and guitar! There were only a few singers in my homeland. Therefore, it was quite annoying when they had left the band. I longed for firm structures and aims so I practiced and needed to find new band members and my purpose in all of this. Well, I did it!

Why this genre:
More than any other genre, Metal/Metalcore is the one I can identify with the most, both musically and emotionally. It´s possible to create many different facets and feelings, which is particularly emphasized by this music.

Musical influence:
Slipknot, Parkway Drive, Rammstein

Dream location you want to play at:
The world…

Bands you want to play with:
Slipknot, Caliban, Killswitch Engage

What do you want to achieve with your music:
Telling our stories in different countries, so that people become open-minded, get to know themselves and let their emotions run free.

Something you always wanted to say:
Be open-minded towards new things. Build your own opinion, but do not judge without having gained experience. Accept and tolerate different opinions because you are not alone on this planet! That’s the way to a healthy world and a life with less stress and sorrow. We are all part of this community. “We are Myosotis”!




Why your Instrument:
….Well, because it’s awesome

Why this genre?
Because we’re creating it

Musical influence (Name 3 Bands):
Tool, Northlane, Lamb of God

Dream location you want to play at:
Whooo, there are quite a few, but to point out one in particular I would say: Club Quattro in Tokyo (Shibuya)

Bands you want to play with (Name 3 Bands):
Northlane, Parkway Drive, Dir En Grey

What do you want to achieve with your music?
I wanna help people to express their feelings and identify with our music. I want to be a part of their lives and make them happy every time they give us a listen.

Something you always wanted to say (to your fans) :
Yume de aimashou!




Why your Instrument:
I always loved to sing, but never had the confidence for that. Guttural Vocals gave me the opportunity to express myself and earn more confidence.

Why this genre?
For me, this Genre is powerful and full of emotion. It’s the best way to bring our message to our fans.

Musical influence (Name 3 Bands):
Himsa, Hans Zimmer, Asking Alexandria

Dream location you want to play at:
Some big stages all around the World. Especially Japan.

Bands you want to play with (Name 3 Bands):
SIM, Falling In Reverse, Parkway Drive.
It’s one of my dreams to write the theme/entrance song for a wrestler or wrestling event one day.

What do you want to achieve with your music?
I want to open our listeners’ eyes and communicate that we are all the same.
We all have our problems. But most of us are running away. We dissociate ourselves from the pain or problem…
We will never create a world reigned by love when we turn our back on it.
It all starts with loving your life and appreciating those who fight to survive in this world.
Smile and the world will smile with you.
Show love and you will be loved.
We can make this world more worth living.
Nobody is alone and Nobody is forgotten.

\\We all are Myosotis//

Something you always wanted to say (to your fans) :
Never stop dreaming!
A dream is a goal.
Do everything to reach yours and don’t listen to those who say you will never achieve anything.
You determine what you can and what you can’t do. No one else!




Why your Instrument:
Because I started playing the guitar when I was six and it has always been my dream to play it in a band.

Why this genre?
Because we can express our lyrics and messages through a very powerful and varied type of music.

Musical influence (Name 3 Bands):
Metallica, Billy Joel, Slipknot

Dream location you want to play at:
Vans Warped Tour

Bands you want to play with (Name 3 Bands):
Slipknot, Caliban, Parkway Drive

What do you want to achieve with your music?
I want to move people and want to create music that will always be remembered.

Something you always wanted to say (to your fans) :
Always believe in yourself and do what YOU want to do!

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